The Jefferson Era

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Lesson Plan
The Indian Subcontinent
Section 2
5.C.b; 6.D.a; 6.F.a; 7.B.a; 7.B.b
Objectives Students will learn that . . .
1. Advanced civilizations and powerful empires shaped the early history of India.
2. Powerful empires controlled India for hundreds of years.
3. Independence from Great Britain led to the division of India into several countries.
4. Religion and the caste system are two important parts of Indian culture.
Vocabulary Delhi, colony, partition, Hinduism, Buddhism, caste system
___ What You Will Learn . . . (SE) Preview Main Ideas, Big Idea,
and Key Terms.
___ Daily Bellringer
Transparency: Section 2
___ Academic Vocabulary (TE) Review with students the high-use
academic term in this section.
___ RF: Vocabulary Builder:
Section 2
___ If YOU lived there . . . (SE) Have students read and discuss the
section introduction and question.
___ Differentiated Instruction
Modified Worksheets and
Tests CD-ROM
___ Teach the Big Idea Activity (TE) Students discuss the Main Idea
questions and then make a time line of India’s history and culture.
___ Interactive Reader and Study
Guide: Section 2
___ Main Idea Questions (TE) Discussion questions
___ RF: Literature: The Blind
Men and the Elephant
___ Collaborative Learning (TE) Hinduism and Buddhism
___ Biography: Mohandas Gandhi (SE)
___ Differentiating Instruction: Advanced/Gifted and Talented
(TE) Research the Taj Mahal
___ Differentiating Instruction: Struggling Readers (TE)
Paraphrase Events in the Mughal and British Empires
___ Cross-Discipline Activity: Civics (TE) Civil Disobedience
___ RF: Primary Source:
Gandhi’s “Quit India”
___ RF: Biography: Rabindranath
___ RF: Geography and History:
Decolonization and Division
___ Social Studies Skills: Analyzing a Line Graph (SE)
___ Close (TE) Ask students to think of the benefits and drawbacks of
a caste system, such as in India.
___ Online Quiz Section 2
(keyword: SGF7 HP3)
___ Section 2 Assessment (SE)
___ PASS: Section 2 Quiz
Key: SE = Student Edition TE = Teacher’s Edition RF = Resource File PASS = Progress Assessment Support System
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