Summer 2014

August 2014
Dear Seed Stock Producers
Do you have all the tools you need to compete with the largest seed stock producers in
the world? I am talking about the guys that have not only thousands of cows and
thousands of acres and produce hundreds of bulls per year, but I am also talking about
the producers that keep performance records in detail on every bull they
raise. Everything from weaning weights and yearlings weights, ultrasound data, hip
heights, average daily gains and scrotal measurements. Do you have the time and the
means to do all that? Do you have the technology available to keep detailed feed intake
records on all the bull you performance test? Do you actually performance test all the
bulls you produce?
If you could have all this done at a cost that is often less than what you can feed your
bulls at home, would you? If you could have precise feed intake and efficiency data on
every bull and access to data that even most if the "BIG" producers don't have, would
you be interested? If you had a way to compare your bulls to bulls of the same breed,
from other breeders on a level playing field and get an idea of how your genetics stack
up, would you take a second look?
If you would like to compete with the best in your breed? We would like to help. If you
want to see just how good your bulls really are, we need to talk. If you want access to
data and technology that you likely can't afford on your own, let us provide you with a
service that we have been doing for fifteen years.
We are Green Springs Bull Test Station, not the biggest, not the oldest, but certainly
one of the best. We are one of the few test facilities in the nation that utilizes Growsafe
technology to measure feed efficiency and residual feed intake, and we have been
doing for over nine years. That is longer than any other publicly accessible or private
facility in the United State. We want to help to develop and market your breeding
bulls. Our philosophy is, " If you don't measure it, you can't make it better."
Give us a call (417.448.7416) or by e-mail: We would be glad
to visit with you about our programs and put your bulls on the cutting edge of genetic
improvement. Let us measure it and help you make it better.
Best Regards,
C. Kent Abele