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Nanotechnology coatings arrives in India
Bangalore, 24 February 2014:
After several years of research and
nanotechnology finally arrived at the
market primarily for the industrial
sector and ‘Wrenzeal Solutions’,
The Indian counterpart of German
based ‘Nano4Life’ the manufacturer
introduced various surface coating
products to the potentially large
Indian market.
‘Nano4Life’ offers nanotechnology coating solutions and sealants designed for the industrial as
well as the commercial sector. Nanotechnology is changing the world and the way we live,
creating scientific advances and new products that are smaller, faster, stronger, safer, and more
reliable. Nano4life coating solutions are developed to apply on various surfaces to keep clean,
weatherproof, stain resistance, water repellent, UV resistant, anti-fungi, anti-bacterial and for
many more benefits.
The company has released an array of products to the market which includes coating solutions
for industries such as Construction, Automobile, Textile, Furniture, Leather accessories,
Footwear, Glass, Marine, Plastic, Ceramic etc… each providing benefits to applicable business
segment. On the whole these products make the surfaces anti-corrosive, easily cleanable, avoid
sticking, avoids formation of moss or fungi, provides protection of UV radiations and many other
benefits including providing water repellence property.
These coating solutions are eco-friendly and non-hazardous and helps to save water and protect
the environment.
Nano4Life products are popularly used in around 20+ countries. In
India the company has released with around 10 products to suit the
requirements of the Indian customers for various uses in different
packaging ranging from the 100ML to 1000 Lts. The company is
looking for resellers in all major cities across India to supply these
coating solutions to highly potential Indian Market.
For more details on Nano4Life products, Contact Wrenzeal
Solutions Bangalore at +91 9916106165
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