Ancient Greece

By: Grace Edmonds Sports were a big part of ancient Greece. They shaped the community and prepared the people for war. When losing happened, people felt the agony of defeat. I feel this is relevant because, in our city state defeat is not an option because our land is popular for people who might want to steal it. The ancient Greeks believed that their gods were involved in all their life. There was no difference of their temple and their life, and the only way you could live on was to do a great act that made you worthy of infinite life. This is relevant because in our city state we worship the amazing Artemis, who is an influence on our lives. Being wise was very important to ancient Greeks. They didn’t make any decisions unless they had knowledge to do so. Greek philosophers, such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, tried to talk to the citizens so, they had a city state with thoughtful and knowledgeable citizens. This is relevant because, the world doesn’t really value knowledge anymore.