Estelline Alumni Pay It Forward Investment
This is being given to EHS graduates who enroll in post-secondary education to help defray the
cost of educational materials. This scholarship was originally developed by former Principal
Dennis Rieckman from the final proceeds received from the Estelline Redmen Booster Club. Mr.
Rieckman envisioned giving a monetary gift to each senior who went on to post-secondary
education. In 2006, Mr. Rieckman turned the funds over to the Estelline Alumni Association to
continue this project. Over the course of a graduate’s EHS years, many teachers, coaches,
parents, friends, alumni and community members have invested in them their time, advice,
support, knowledge and numerous other gifts. This scholarship is yet another investment in our
graduates with the hope that when they have the chance, they, too, will “Pay It Forward” to
The amount of the award is $100 and payable to the graduate the fall semester of each year. The
seniors will receive the form to apply for this investment at graduation and it will be their
responsibility to follow the directions to receive the investment.
Any questions can be directed to Linda Mennenga, Scholarship Coordinator.
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