Challenge no 3 Recycling

Challenge no 3 Recycling
1.How long does it take for an aluminum can to decompose?
a) 80 – 100 years b) 20 – 40 years
c) 60 – 80 years. d) 100 – 120 years.
2. How many times is it possible for an aluminum beverage can to be recycled?
a) five times b) ten times c) twenty times d) over and over
3. Recycling of an aluminum can requires less energy than producing a new one.
What percentage (less) is it?
a) 95%
b) 45%
c) 30% d) 20%
4. Three of these statements are true. Find them out!
a) Aluminum is recycled into cans, foil and cars.
b) A used aluminum can, can be recycled, remade, refilled and returned to your
greengrocer’s shelf in just 60 days.
c) Wearing clothes made from aluminum cans will bring you fame, fortune and true love.
d) Recycling one can saves enough energy to run your iPod for about 5 hours
5. Paper comes from trees…but can it be made from anything else?
A It can be made from hemp
B. Pandas, elephants or donkeys’ poo
C. Sheepskin, just like in the old days
D. All of the above