Classroom Metal Anneal Furnace description

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Process Description:
In the fabrication of integrated circuits, metal interconnecting
features are deposited. To improve the mechanical and electrical
properties of the metal, the substrate is heated. An aluminum
alloy is commonly used. When heated, the aluminum forms a low
resistance contact with silicon by reducing native oxide and
forming a thin layer of aluminum oxide that promotes adhesion
between the silicon dioxide and aluminum.
System Description:
The oxidation system is located in the top tube and can process multiple wafers with the maximum wafer
diameter of 4 inches. This furnace tube provides control of gas flows via mass flow controllers. Adjusting the
set point of a digital temperature controller controls the temperature. Ramping of temperatures is not
Forming gas (10% H2 in N2)
Approved Materials for use in this equipment:
Check the APPROVED MATERIALS for this equipment on under WCAM in the
group directories.
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