Chinese Philosopher Campaign Ad

Chinese Philosopher Campaign Video
For this assignment, you are to imagine you are the campaign manager of an
important Chinese philosopher. You and a partner must create a video campaign
advertisement to promote his ideas. Your task is to convince the Chinese people
that his ideas would be the best method to restore order to the Middle Kingdom. In
order to be successful you will need to gain support from both the nobility and the
peasants. Therefore, you must address the concerns of both social classes and
discuss how your ideas would impact their lives. Your video campaign can be set up
as a commercial, a talk show or debate, a music video or a news report. In the spirit
of competition, your campaign should also stress the problems with your opponents
and their ideas. To convince your audience of the benefits of your chosen
philosophy, be informative and humorous!
Your advertisement must include:
 A brief explanation of the problems in the Middle Kingdom
 One quote from the philosopher and an explanation of its meaning.
 A minimum of 4 reasons why the empire will improve by following his ideas
(These ideas must address both social classes)
 Provide a minimum of 2 problems with the ideas of each of your “opponents”
 Persuasive language
 At least 1 minute long
We will spend 2 classes on this project, so be efficient in your research and video