free tree seedlings!

The Pennsylvania State University recently received a grant from the
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in 2012 entitled “Greening the Lower
Susquehanna”. Through this grant, Penn State has assembled a native tree
nursery in order to provide free trees to landowners interested in planting
riparian buffers or converting turf to trees. All of the seedlings must be
planted during the fall of 2015.
We are particularly reaching out to municipalities because planting
these trees can aid in addressing MS4 permit requirements such as runoff
control and public participation and involvement. All properties are eligible
for this program, but a good fit might be if your municipality has
participated in the FEMA buyout program and has streamside properties
that are in need of trees. The trees are provided at no cost to you but will
require maintenance until they become established. Because they are small
seedlings they will also require tree tubes which, as of now, cannot be
provided by Penn State.
Trees can also be provided to private landowners, especially those
with streamside properties.
Please distribute this information to your
residents to make them aware of this opportunity for free trees.
If you are interested in learning more, please contact the project
coordinator at 717-948-6609 or at email [email protected]