How do natural resources affect the way we live?

How do natural
resources affect the way
we live?
Our Objective:
By the end of this lesson,
we will be able to explain
what a natural resource is,
list several natural resources,
and tell why they are
to humans.
Think, pair, share!
What is a natural resource?
A natural resource is something
found in nature that is useful to
It can be a material, (like rocks)
an energy source, (like wind)
or a living thing (like plants).
What are we going to do today?
1) new words
2) read a story about a girl from India
3) class discussion
4) game
5) finish up
New words
monsoon--a season that brings lots of rain
stall--an area in the marketplace, a booth or
screeching--a loud, shrill sound
scrambling--a fast movement, hurrying
swishes--to move with a hissing or rushing
potbellied--having a large belly
by Uma
Water is a natural resource!
What other natural resources
can you think of?
Other Natural Resources
Wind and Air
Wind is a source of energy. By using a
windmill or wind turbine, people can turn
the wind's energy into electricity for
homes and schools.
Clean air is
important because
it gives us oxygen
to breathe.
Energy from the sun is called solar power. It
can be used to make electricity and even to
power a car. We depend on the sun to give
us warmth and to make plants grow.
Water provides us with
something to drink. Plants,
animals and humans all
need water. Water is also
used for cleaning things,
washing clothes, cooling the
engine in a car, and many
other uses.
Minerals include rocks and other materials,
like iron, that humans need. Iron is put in
food to help our bodies function well. It is
also used to make buildings, machines,
cooking pots, tools and many other things.
Trees and Plants
Trees are an important natural resource
used to make wood and paper. Many trees
are cut down every day to make the paper
we use at school.
Plants are a major source
of food for humans.
We also use plants to
make medicine and fabric.
Animals help humans in many ways. We
gather milk from cows and eggs from
chickens. We eat the meat of many
animals. Animals also help farmers to do
their work.
Did we answer our
question yet?
How do natural resources
affect the way we live?
Think, pair, share!
a natural resource is a
material, energy source, or
living thing found in nature
that is useful to humans.
Let's practice!
Now show me what you
1. A natural resource is ______________
2. List 4 natural resources.
3. _________ is a natural resource that is
used for___________________. It is
important because ________________