Level 3: practice Version 3Prep/Intervention

Unit 3, Level 3 practice
To reach level 3, you will be expected to not only identify but provide evidence
based claims (i.e. claim  evidence reasoning) to explain the following 5
periodic trends: Coloumbic force (i.e. force of attraction) reactivity, atomic
radius, electronegativity, and ionization energy (i.e. binding energy) and how
each trend influences the other.
Example, “Atomic radius increases as one moves down groups on the periodic
table (your claim). For each period (row) added to the periodic table,
photoelectron spectroscopy showed an additional energy level. These levels
represent the probable location for finding valence electrons; because electrons
repel each other, and valence electrons are those furthest from the nucleus,
adding an energy level increases the distance between the nucleus and valence
electrons, thus increasing the atomic radius (your reasoning).”