Determining Structure of Atoms Group Members:

Determining Structure of Atoms
Group Members:
USE YOUR OWN PAPER. Save this page so I can evaluate you using the rubric on
the back.
1. You and your partner need a periodic table to complete this assignment, and the
materials you have brought to class.
2. Your job is to determine these 6 things for ALL 16 of the following elements.
Write this on your paper.
1. name AND symbol of the element
2. # protons
3. # neutrons
4. # electrons
5. # valence electrons
6. Draw the atom, showing all of these components in the correct
location, and placing the correct number of electrons in each energy
3. Once you have accomplished this task, it is time for you to make models of 4 of
the following atoms. Out of the following 16 options, choose 4 that you would
like to construct models of.
H, Li, Be, Mg, B, Al, C, Si, N, P, O, S, F, Cl, He, Ar
4. An element becomes an ion if it loses or gains electrons. You will be asked to
form 3 different ions throughout the evaluation of your models.
5. Neon has 3 isotopes. Make a model of Neon-20, Neon-21, and Neon-22.
6. Look at your drawings, there is a pattern concerning valence electrons and the
placement of the elements on the periodic table. What is that pattern?