Process for Self

School Context
The College strives to nurture and develop the unique talents of its students; and to support their
growth in becoming responsible contributing members of our school, the wider community and their
place as global citizens.
We are committed to offering a range of curriculum opportunities that foster deep learning
experiences; leading to student growth as critical and creative thinkers.
Process for Self-Assessment and Review
To ensure the school met the requirements for the implementation of the Australian Curriculum, the
current curriculum was audited against the Australian Curriculum. AISSA’s audit tool. This provided a
mechanism for mapping the curriculum’s scope and sequence from Foundation to Year 10.
The audit process was very comprehensive and focused on Phase 1 subjects English, Mathematics,
Science and History. It was undertaken by teams of teachers in cross year level teams who were able
to ensure there was continuity and cohesive development of the curriculum across the school.
The process affirmed that much of our current content meets AC requirements and also highlighted
areas of the curriculum which required attention.
The General Capabilities were also mapped using this tool. The General Capabilities are a key
dimension of the Australian Curriculum and are addressed explicitly in the content of the learning
areas. They play a significant role in realising the goals set out in the Melbourne Declaration on
Educational Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA 2008) – that all young people in Australia should
be supported to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and
informed citizens.
The Self-Assessment process enabled us to consider our approach to the General Capabilities and to
develop a plan to strengthen the thinking capability across the school.
Strategic Improvement Goals and Foci
Over the next twelve months teaching teams will develop a whole school approach to embedding
the thinking curriculum across the school. This will involve staff undertaking intensive professional
learning to build their skills in visible thinking routines, Blooms Taxonomy, questivities. Teaching
programs will reflect this focus and students will experience a range of rigorous, relevant and
engaging learning opportunities drawn from the Australian Curriculum and aligned with their
individual learning needs, strengths, interests and goals.
The implementation of the Australian Curriculum has become a vehicle for change and a targeted
strategy for school improvement. Engagement with the AC has led to a focus on pedagogical
improvement by addressing the needs of all students including the gifted and involves all staff in
whole school curriculum change and designing curriculum for the 21 century. This will increase the
capacity of our talented staff to respond to the needs of all students.
Review Process
The review process is designed to be ongoing within the school for the duration of the current
Strategic Plan. The School Improvement Plan will be reviewed annually and published as part of the
school’s annual report.