FORM Workshop Instructor Guidelines

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Carrollton, GA 30117
Phone: 770-666-5332
Workshop Instructor Guidelines
SCRAP Bin hosts on-site workshops that are presented by independent artists and teachers who
use recyclable items in their work in some way.
The goals of our workshops are as follows:
1. To teach participants how to engage in creative reuse using recycled materials.
Participants will complete a creative reuse project.
2. To recharge everyone’s creative batteries,
3. To have fun
Requirements for the workshop instructor
1. Submit Workshop Instructor Application. The SCRAP Bin Workshop Director will contact
you if the workshop is approved. Once approved, the presenter will need to do the
 Attend a brief meeting with the SCRAP Bin Workshop Director to tour SCRAP Bin and
discuss your workshop goals, material needs, time frame and fee.
 Fill out and sign a Workshop Contract and give it to the SCRAP Bin Workshop
2. During your workshop, share with participants SCRAP Bin’s goals of environmental
stewardship through creative reuse and how your workshop meets those goals.
3. Maintain a safe environment and supervise participants at all times, in keeping with the
policies and liabilities of SCRAP Bin.
4. Arrive one hour before the start of your workshop to set up.
5. Allow time in your workshop to involve participants in clean up. Put tools and materials
away and leave the workshop site as you found it.
6. Share photos and at least one example of the finished product with SCRAP Bin for the
workshop bulletin board, website and gallery.
Instructor fee: The Workshop Instructor’s fee comes directly from the participants’ fees.
Typically a minimum of eight participants are needed in order for the workshop “to make.”
SCRAP Bin will keep 40% of the proceeds for our costs. Depending on the workshop, a
materials fee may be charged in addition to the workshop registration fee.
SCRAP Bin will promote your workshop through our monthly mailings and on our website. We
encourage you to also spread the word to generate interest in your upcoming workshop.
form as of March 13, 2011