The Best Way to Paint Interior Walls

Best Way to Paint Interior Walls
It is typically better to have two (2) people when painting walls. In some cases, this may not be possible.
If there is only one (1) person doing the painting, it is better to do one wall at a time.
If you have two (2) people, have one (1) person cut the walls in with a brush and the other person will
follow behind with a roller. The reason for this is when you cut the walls in (in most cases) you want to
make sure the paint is still wet on the cut when you roll into it. If not, you could have a chance where
the paint “picture frames”, which means you will see where the cut ends and the roll starts on the wall.
NOTE: This is why we say, to do one wall at a time if only one (1) person is painting the wall.
Another good tip is to invest in a rolling pole. A rolling pole is attaches to the end of a roller. They are
not very expensive and will save a lot of time and body ache then is you just use the roller by itself.
The final item that some people don’t think about is vent covers and plates. It is better to remove these
and will give a more professional look when done.