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Painting Disclosure
Instructor: Nicole Woodruff
E-mail: [email protected]
This class is an introduction to painting and its
techniques as well as improving appreciation
for art. We will work in a variety of different
paints. Attendance and participation is
necessary in this class, as artists we learn from
instructors, demonstrations, practice with
materials, as well as from our peers in a
studio/class setting. This class is designed to be
exciting and engaging as well as rigorous
Paint can be messy at times, please be aware
that it may end up on clothing so it is the
responsibility of the student to protect their
own clothing and may want to provide an
apron for themselves..
Students will
Develop drawing and painting skills
Develop techniques using a variety of
Be exposed to a variety of art
concepts and apply content to
Be introduced to and develop the art
elements and principles
Increase an appreciation for art
through viewing, creating and
Analyze, evaluate and critique
= 100-93
= 92-90
= 89-87
= 86-83
= 82-80
= 79-77
= 76-73
= 72-70
4 tardies = U, 1 truancy = U. Any disrespectful or
unacceptable behavior will also result in a U
automatically, no warning will be given.
Students are expected to attend regularly (with all
supplies), set up promptly, and stay until the end of
the class period.
Points will be given (but are not limited to) the following:
Projects- 50%
Participation and attendance- 20%
Sketchbook- 20%
Quiz(es)- 5%
Work will be graded on effort, craftsmanship, quality, time
utilization and directions followed for each assignment.
Work that was turned in ON TIME may be reworked and
turned in once again for more possible points up until the
last week of the quarter.
ABSENT WORK: For every day missed of class, the student
will have 2 class days to turn in the work for full credit,
after which the late policy will apply.
LATE WORK: Work is considered late after the period it
was due. Late work will be accepted up to two weeks after
the due date but will only be worth up to 75% of the
original point value.
All students who have paid their fee of $15.00 to
cover the materials I provide. This is to be paid in
the office and a receipt brought to Mrs. Woodruff
within 2 weeks. (Fee waiver students must still
obtain a receipt from the main office.)
Each student must provide their own 9x 12
sketchbook. BRING THIS EVERYDAY. This will be
used for note taking, journaling, and daily sketches
that will be graded bi-weekly.
Brushes are provided.
Paints-This class will use acrylic and watercolor
paint. Basic acrylics and watercolor will be
Painting surfaces- most of the painting
surfaces will be provided although extras or
larger sizes will need to be purchased if they
are desired.
Paint containers and paper towels- every
student must bring in a plastic container with a
lid to hold the acrylic paint. And a roll of paper
towel for their own personal use.
You MUST bring your sketchbook, paints,
brushes and surfaces, pencil and eraser to
class every day. If you don’t, this will also
result in the loss of participation points.
Any shared materials that are borrowed and not
returned or damaged may be charged to the
student for replacement of the material.
Come to class prepared to work.
Be to class ON TIME! (late = loss of pts.)
It is the student’s responsibility to check
when assignments are due. If you are sick,
you must be excused in the office or you
will not be eligible for full credit. If you
know you will be gone, the assignments
will be due BEFORE you leave. If you miss
class it is your responsibility to find out
what you missed, when your assignments
are due and are you responsible for any
content that was covered in class that day.
C lassroom E xpectations
We will clean up 5 minutes before the
bell, no exceptions. (Early clean up = loss
of pts.)
C lassroom Rules:
When I talk, you don’t talk
Be prepared every day
No cell phones, iPods or electronic devices
Videos, Images and Music
I will be showing videos and images that are
relevant to art and the learning process. I will be
showing images of classical nude artworks such as
Michelangelo’s David, Degas’ Bathers series, and
Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, (things you would see
in an art history class) NOT anything pornographic. I
will only show what I believe to be appropriate for a
high school audience.
I do not tolerate swearing, teasing or
degradation of other students.
Cell phones will be taken away if I see
them. Please put them in a pocket or
backpack. If I do see your phone, it will be
taken to the office. The loss of any
electronic device in this classroom or
school is not the responsibility of Layton
HS or your teacher.
Do not draw inappropriate content,
anything sexual, drug or alcohol related,
etc. will not be tolerated. You will receive
a U if I see these things.
Respect me and your fellow classmates
Take care of all class materials and
I have read the rules and expectations for Mrs. Woodruff’s art class and I agree to the conditions stated above.
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Class period
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