Common Structural Forms

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Common Structural Forms
There are four main types of construction that are used when building domestic housing.
Traditional Cavity Wall Construction
This is historically the most common way to build a house, using brick and block with an
insulation gap between the walls.
Cross Wall Construction
This is where the side walls support the weight of the building, the floor is connected to all
four walls to prevent movement of the building (lateral restraint). This type of construction
often uses pre-cast conscrete.
Timber Frame Construction
Timber frame construction is a quick and sustainable form of construction, it uses softwood
and consists of vertical pieces called studs and short horizontal pieces called noggins. The
buildings are normally clad in different wood such as cedar or bricks.
SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels)
This form of construction is becoming more popular, the walls and main superstructure of
the house are made in a factory, before being driven to site and assembled by a crane.
1. Name each form of construction?