LAB1 Assignment
Order the following tasks in terms of the waterfall model: acceptance testing,
project planning, unit testing, requirements review, cost estimating, high-level
design, market analysis, low-level design, systems testing, design review,
implementation, requirement specification.
Implementation is the part of the process where software engineers actually program the
code for the project.
Software testing is an integral and important part of the software development process.
This part of the process ensures that defects are recognized as early as possible.
Documenting the internal design of software for the purpose of future maintenance and
enhancement is done throughout development. This may also include the writing of an
API, be it external or internal. It is very important to document everything in the project.
Design: Software design is a multi-step process that focuses on data structures,
software architecture, procedural detail, and interface characterization. The design
process translates requirements into a representation of the software that can be
assessed for quality before coding begins.
2-Draw a diagram that represents an
iterative life cycle model.
3-Draw a process model for the task of painting the walls in a room. Include
the following tasks: choose color, buy paint, clean the walls, stir the paint,
and paint the wall.
4-Why should tasks in a process model be separated by an
artifact?, and Why can’t it start until its input artifacts exist?
• The design of functions and the interface cannot be
separated from each other in .... Carroll argues that
we should view the artifacts created by designers as
HCI ... Can we put an artifact under the spotlight and
discern its uses; never the tasks are assumed to
remain the same throughout the design process
5-Draw a DFD for a simple library system, showing its two main tasks, the
first which cataloging new books in order to be ordered on the Bookshelf,
and the second task which borrowing a book if exists on the shelf and
returning it after borrowing