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Cellular Transport
Every living cell exists in a liquid environment that it needs to survive. The plasma membrane is selectively permeablemeaning only certain chemicals are allowed in and out of cells.
Diffusion-particels tend to move from an area of high
concentration to an area less concentrated
In cells, substances can diffuse across membranes
WITHOUT requiring the use of energy---PASSIVE TRANSPORT
Osmosis- diffusion of water across a selectively permeable
membrane—enables cell membrane to regulate cell’s
internal environment---HOMEOSTASIS!!
*Osmosis affects cells depending on the type of solution they are placed in: ISOTINIC, HYPERTONIC OR HYPOTONIC
Facilitated Diffusion- molecules, that CANNOT diffuse on their own, moves though protein channels in a membrane
Active Transport- transport protein (carrier) requires ENERGY to help moved particles across the membrane against a
force (concentration gradient)
Large particles are secreted
or expelled from the cell.
Large particles are
engulfed and enclosed by
the cell membrane. Then
it can move into the cell.
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