Cell transport notes

Cell transport notes
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Cell membranes and transport
• L.T:
• I can identify the structure of a cell membrane.
• I can predict movement of substances through the
cell membrane.
• I can define diffusion and osmosis.
• Notes = pre lab:
– Take notes on the following slides for your pre-lab
– No pre-lab…no lab!
– Notebook check off when done- 10 pts
Osmosis and Diffusion:
• Osmosis: the movement of water through a
• Diffusion: the movement of any substance
through a membrane
– Particles ALWAYS move from high to low
• Hypertonic solution: a solution with MANY particles
• Hypotonic solution: a solution with FEWER particles
• Isotonic solution: a solution with the SAME number of
particles on each side.
Movement of Particles:
• Selectively permeable membrane: a membrane (like the cell)
where some things can cross and some things cannot.
– Particles ALWAYS move DOWN the concentration
gradient (from high concentration to low)
• Practice problems wksht:
• Try to figure out the problems.
• Put these in your notebook as part of your pre-lab