SHH Meeting
Contact list is updated
Point sheets passed out to new members
NBE on Thursday; make sure to sign in attendance book
Tutoring every Wednesday and Friday
o Added Michelle and Maria on the Wednesday tutorials
 Spanish Club every Friday at SWE
 Limbs Dance
o Tickets bought(Katherine and Bridget)
o Donations for gift cards and food for 50 people ($1 per person)
 Ideas for food: chips(Nick, Bridget, Cindy, Jennifer, Maria, Vanessa,
Monica, Augustine, Ellie, and Briana)
 Salsa(Michelle, Tamara, Katherine, Bridgett, Briana)
 Awareness for continuing in Spanish
o Should put statistics and how it will help in your future careers
o Announcements(Patience will talk to Mathilda about it)
 Limbs fundraiser(has to be 6th period)
o Final theme decision: Fiesta: Celebraciones Alrededor del Mundo
o Food ideas: Tres leches, Mexico jello, churros, arroz con leche, sopapillas,
buñuelos, chocotortas, empenadas, flan, churro cupcakes, sombrero cookies,
piñata cookies(mini M and Ms)
 Suggestions for awareness of tutorials:
o Put them on announcements and tell friends