WAFLT EXCEL Student Scholarships

WAFLT EXCEL Student Scholarship Application
(Please type or print clearly in blue or black ink)
Name: ______________________________________________________________
University: __________________________________________________________
Address at school: ____________________________________________________
Summer address (if different): ___________________________________________
Telephone number(s): _________________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________________________________
What language(s) have you studied and at what levels (both high school and college)?
What world language class and level will you be enrolled in during Fall 2015?
Scholarship recipient must be a Washington resident
A complete application must include:
1. a complete application form
2. a short essay, in English: Describe why you have chosen to continue your
world language study, including your interest in becoming a language teacher.
Your essay should be typewritten and should not exceed 250 words.
3. an official transcript of college work (This can be sent in separately by the
registrar, or included with the application.)
4. a letter of recommendation from a world language instructor.
(This can be sent in separately by the instructor, or included with the application.)
Incomplete applications will not be considered. You may contact Bridget Yaden at
yadenlbe@plu.edu to verify that all components of your application were received.
Application Deadline: April 15, 2015
Notification of Award: May 15, 2015
Send application materials to:
Bridget Yaden, Ph.D.
WAFLT Excel Scholarships
Department of Languages and Literatures
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA 98447
For additional information:
Bridget Yaden, Ph.D.