overview of subject

KS 5 Courses 2014-2015
Name of Course: Level 3 Diploma in Financial Studies
QAN Code: 600/8551/4
Examining Body: IFS School of Finance
Course Duration: 2 Years
The Diploma in Financial Studies is a comprehensive study into the world of personal finance. It develops the
knowledge and skills required for students to make confident and informed financial decisions by introducing them
to the concept of money, the economic system, financial providers and financial products such as Savings,
Investments, Pensions, Mortgages and Protection Products.
Students also learn about the stock markets and various ways of trading including buying and selling shares and
derivative trading which can be done across all markets across the world. Student’s learning is further enhanced by a
visit to a Stockbroker in Exeter and an optional trip to London to visit the headquarters of a major bank in Canary
Wharf and also a visit to the Bank of England.
What will I be learning?
(Units to be studied)
Year 1
Unit 1: Financial Capability for the Immediate and Short Term.
Unit 2: Financial Capability for the Medium and Long Term.
Year 2
Unit 3: Sustainability of an Individual's Finances.
Unit 4: Sustainability of the Financial Services System.
How will I learn/ be assessed?
All four units will be assessed by written paper made up of the following components:
Part A: 35 multiple choice questions in a 45-minute examination
Part B: pre-release case study requiring essay responses to 5 questions in a 105-minute examination
Part B will also assess spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) through the essay responses
Entry Requirements:
5 GCSES at grade A*- C
Minimum of grade C in GCSE English.
What can I do afterwards?
Financial Studies has been a popular and very successful course over a number of years and many students go onto
study this subject further at university.
The financially-related content of this qualification serves as a strong grounding for undergraduate study within
finance and business-related disciplines, with many students going on to study accounting, business, finance and
What else might I need to
Students who do not wish to pursue a career in Financial Services benefit personally from their knowledge in
finance and are more confident to make good informed financial decisions in the future.
The Certificate is the equivalent of 1 ‘AS’ Level or.
The Diploma is the equivalent of 1 ‘A’ Level.
Further information is available from Mr Cocker.