Ch. 11 Study Guide, 8th grade

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Chapter 11 Study Guide
8th grade
1. expatriates
2. The Harlem Renaissance included what type of people?
3. jazz
4. What did the Lost Generation criticize?
5. mass media
6. What did movies help spread to Europe?
7. Name the worst scandal that involved one of President Harding’s cabinet.
8. What two types of mass media became popular in the 1920s?
9. What did the laissez faire economic theory state?
10. What was the intended purpose of Prohibition?
11. How was Henry Ford able to build a car people could afford?
12. What did the NAACP protect?
13. How did the lives of women change during the 1920s?
14. Who helped spread jazz throughout America?
15. The Lost Generation was made up what type of people?
16. Why did President Coolidge veto a bill to aid farmers?
17. What developments contributed to the economic prosperity of the 1920s?
18. The spread of the Ku Klux Klan to states outside the South was a response to what
development in the 1920s?
19. In what ways did people in the 1920s differ from Americans before them?
20. What did popular culture include?
21. Where was the center of African-American culture in the 1920’s?
22. Did Harding
Favor a foreign policy of isolation?
Play a role in reducing the size of the military forces of the world’s most powerful nations?
Clean up corruption of the Coolidge Administration?
Adopt policies that favored the growth of American business?
23. Which technology contributed the LEAST to the boom in the popularity of professional
sports that occurred in the 1920’s?
 Radios
 Movies
 Airplanes
 Automobiles
24. Who were some famous writers of the Lost Generation?
25. Who were some famous writers of the Harlem Renaissance?