Learning Target Unit Sheet
Course__US/AP US History____
Unit/Section: Unit Nine-The Roaring 20s
Day # Common Core/Quality Core Standard (s)
Learning Targets (I Can’s)
A.1.a. I can apply the following terms appropriately and accurately:
 Evolution, fundamentalism, Scopes Trial, Henry Ford, mass production, assembly line,
airline industry, new appliances, nightlife, mass media, radio, movie industry,
consumer society, flappers, Lost Generation, jazz, Harlem Renaissance, Communism,
Red Scare, nativism, quotas, Ku Klux Klan, Prohibition, 21st Amendment,
D.1.b. I can describe and evaluate the impact of scientific and technological innovations of
the 1920s.
 I can describe mass production and the assembly line and how they impacted
American society during the 1920s.
 I can describe the effects of new products and advertising on consumers of the
D.1.c. I can identify and evaluate the impact of new cultural movements on American
society in the 1920s.
 I can identify jazz, mass media, and the Harlem Renaissance, and their impact on American
D.1.d. I can identify the characteristics of social conflict and social change that took place in the
early 1920s.
 I can describe the causes and effects of the Red Scare.
 I can explain the reasons for the rise of the Ku Klux Klan during the 1920s.
 I can evaluate the effects of prohibition on American society.