Ch 5- Suburban Shantytown & Refuge

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Ms. Maier
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Shadowed Lives: Undocumented Immigrants in American Society
Leo R. Chavez
5 / Suburban Shantytown and Refuge
(pgs. 97 - 114)
1. Describe Green Valley. (ongoing)
2. Why was the Green Valley migrant camp different from other migrant camps?
3. What were the two view points of the Green Valley camp? (pg. 99- 100)
4. What are some problems generally associated and assumed about migrants? (pg. 100)
5. Summarize the complaints made by the local residents about Green Valley. (pg. 101-102)
6. What was an identity marker of the migrants? (pg. 102)
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7. Describe Gloria’s restaurant. How did Gloria’s contribute to the atmosphere at Green Valley? (pg.
104- 106)
8. Why were more single women and families attracted to Green Valley? (pg. 107)
9. Where were some of the legal US residence living at Green Valley? (pg. 109)
10. What role did restaurants play in Green Valley? (pg. 110-111)
11. What was life like for children in Green Valley? (pg. 113)
12. Why did many parents leave their children in Mexico when they came to the US to work? (pg.