OS Map Work Questions

OS map work
► Is
the river wide or narrow?
► Is the river straight or meandering?
► Is the valley wide or narrow?
► Shape of valley/slope steepness
► Stage is the river at?
► Identify any features with grid reference?
► Has the river been artificially straightened or are
there any drainage ditches?
► Direction of flow.
OS Map work
Aims- To recognise river features on an OS map
To be able to describe and explain the physical characteristics of a river and its
Describe the physical features of the River Ouse and its
valley between 430149 and 407118. 8 marks
Compare and contrast the river Avon and its valley with
that of the River Stour. 10 marks
Annotate the base map provided to show the main features
of the river and its valley found within area A. 8 marks
Using a diagram or diagrams, explain the formation of any
one of the features you have identified on the base map. 8