intervention letter

Reviewing Your Selected and Intensive Levels of Support
Associate Principal
Dear family:
In effort to help all Valley View Elementary School students achieve at the highest level possible and to
be at their best academically, socially, and behaviorally, we are using a multi-level support system for
academics and behavior. We use this support as needed school-wide for our students. This multi-level
system of support is designed to help our students learn the skills necessary to be successful in the
regular education curriculum. For students participating in intervention, staff are developing goals,
choosing research-based interventions, and monitoring student progress to determine student’s response
to the intervention.
You are receiving this letter because your child has been selected to be part of the intervention time. The
objective will be for your child to meet his/her academic goal in approximately 10-12 weeks. Once your
child consistently meets the goal, he or she may be removed from intervention time. If your child does
not meet the goal the teacher may develop another goal and may change the intervention intensity.
Each evening, please discuss what the student is learning. Talk about the day’s successes and encourage
your child to do his/her best the next day. Remind your child that in order to reach his or her goal he or
she will also need to practice the skills outside of school.
Please feel free to contact me or your child’s classroom teacher if you have any questions that we might
answer regarding our intervention time. Thank you in advance for your nightly assistance in helping
make this endeavor a success for your child.
Valley View School
“It’s the Jaguar Way!”
Used with permission for Selected/Intensive Level Review Training