OPC Minutes 09.16.14

Oakmont Parents’ Club (OPC) Minutes
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
1. Called to order at 6:30 p.m.
In attendance: Tom O’Hair, Kerey Knapp, Cyndi Parks, Robert
Dugan (for Beth Dugan), Ann Janzen, Jennifer Caracciola
2. Approved August 25th (special meeting) minutes. Cyndi made a
motion to approve, Ann seconded, and motion carried. August 19th
minutes to be revised by Cyndi and Ann and will be voted on at
the next meeting.
3. Staff Reports
a. OPC President’s Report – Tom O’Hair
Tom reminded us that every booster club officer and everyone
that works at bingo have to be an OPC member. Also,
scholarships this year will only go to OPC members’ students.
b. Treasurer’s Report – Kerry Knapp
August 19 balance - $6,254.19
September 16 balance - $11,468.04
c. Membership Update – Robert Dugan
Robert reported that there are currently approximately 300 OPC
members. We discussed ways to increase membership.
d. Booster Clubs Update – Cyndi Parks
Cyndi reminded baseball, girls’ basketball, dance/drill, and OPAC
booster clubs to turn in financials to Kerry ASAP. She also
reminded the club representatives to sign in. Also, please let OPC
know of any fundraising activities so that we can help prevent
conflicts between clubs.
e. Fundraising Update – Jennifer Caracciola
Jennifer discussed the upcoming fundraiser with the Sacramento
Kings. We discussed possible dates. There will be a competition
between clubs. She will have more information next meeting.
Also, watch for newsletters for other fundraising information.
f. Sober Grad Night/Crab Feed Update – Monique Oxford
Sober Grade Night will be at Strikes again this year. (May 29th)
Next meeting will be next Tuesday night at Cool River Pizza.
g. eScrip Update – Tom reminded everyone to check their
Safeway/Bel Air eScrip is connected to Oakmont.
h. School Report – Ms. Myles made the following
WAS accreditation is currently in progress.
O-Zone was great success last week.
Intervention is held every Tuesday thru Friday.
Progress reports are available on-line today.
4. Old Business
a. The IB coordinator needs one more person to make copies.
We still need VIP patrols to volunteer to walk halls during lunch.
b. Year 1 Run –Tom indicated that the Fun Run will be held
at Oakmont the morning of January 1, 2015. The idea is to raise
money to help support an outside organization, instead of raising
money solely for our school. Tom suggested that 50% of the
money raised be given to a charity organization, 25% to OPC,
12.5% to 2 booster who will supply volunteers and help organize
the Fun Run.
c. Trade Scholarship – Tom funded this scholarship with
$1000, and another $2000 from trade unions.
5. New Business
a. Out of the ten 2014 scholarships funded by OPC, we have
paid four scholarships already. We are waiting on getting
information from the other students.
b. We will likely finally get a fireworks booth this summer.
c. Panda Express is interested in supporting Oakmont, and,
starting October 1, will give 20% of sales to Oakmont families
back to OPC. (first Wednesday of every month)
6. Booster Club Reports –
The following clubs were represented:
Basketball – Boys
Basketball – Girls
Cheer & Stunt
Cross Country
Drill & Dance
Health Academy
IB Program
Sober Grad Night
Brad Colpitts
Rick Lopes and Celestine Ford
Heidi Evans
Erica Morell
Julie Taggart and Kelly Weinberg
Debbie Walsh
Bob Shannon
Jenny Caracciolo
Beth Ann Burt
Monique Oxford
Soccer – Boys
Soccer – Girls
Tennis – Boys
Tennis – Girls
Trap Shooting
Volleyball – Boys
Volleyball – Girls
Ann Janzen
Dan Osterholt
Stephanie McCue, Dana Powers, Erin Warren
Crystal Oxford
Christina Decuir
Kelly Weinberg
Robert Dugan
Bonny Marten and Luisa Makishima
Ken Krebs
Bob Shannon was recognized as the new representative for Girls’
Golf booster club.
Bart Colpitts was recognized as the new representative/President
of the Baseball booster club.
7. Distribute bank statements
8. Adjournment at 7:58 p.m. – Next meeting October 21, 2014