Science Lesson Plan
Title / Theme: Classifying Trees
Date: 09/03/2015
Strand: Living Things
Strand Unit: Plant & Animal Life
That the child will be enabled to:
1. Identify and classify native trees by their buds, leaves, seeds.
2. Name and label the different parts of a tree.
3. Predict and record what bud from the native trees will open first.
4. Draw from knowledge the seeds, bud and leaves of Native Irish trees.
5. Complete a matching activity based on classifying trees from memory.
Resources: Flip chart on Native trees of Ireland, buds from native trees, worksheet on
parts of a tree x 31, matching activity x10 (1 between 3), Exploration table to display
buds, tree display, early finisher tree related exercises on early finisher table.
Sequence of Lesson:
1. (WC): Children will come up with as many tree related words as they can.
Teacher will fill these words in on the tree image on the IWB.
2. Identify the different parts of a tree and children will explain the functions of each
3. How can we identify and distinguish between different trees? In pairs children
will discuss this. Can you name any trees native to Ireland?
4. Display native trees on the IWB and show the children the type of leaf, bud and
seed that will enable them to recognise and classify each tree.
5. (GW): Matching exercise in groups of 3. Children will match the correct leaf, bud
and seed to each native tree. (D: I will go around the class and help the children
who are struggling with this task and clues will be displayed on the IWB for the
children that require assistance, early finisher worksheets will also be provided)
6. Great bud race activity- I will show children the buds of native Irish trees and tell
them we are going to carry out an experiment to see which bud will open first.
Children will fill out their predictions on a grid.
Assessment Tool:
Teacher designed task of matching the tree to its correct seeds, buds and leaves will
assess the children on today’s lesson and give me feedback on their understanding of
Teacher Observation: I will observe the children in their groups during this activity to
ensure they are all actively involved in the process.
Questioning: I will assess children’s knowledge on native Irish trees through questioning
and observation of their responses.