1- November Birch Trees Powerpoint

Birch Trees
1st Grade November Art Project
West Mercer Elementary Art Enrichment Program
Forest by Gustav Klimt
“When I see
birches bend to
left and right
Across the lines
of straighter
darker trees,
I like to think
some boy’s been
swinging them.”
Birches Poem by
Robert Frost
Today’s Project
• Birch tree bark
• Masking
• Watercolor background
• Salt texture
Birch Tree Bark
Step 1- How to make a mask
Step 2- Trees in Perspective
• Close trees = bigger
• Farther away trees = smaller
Step 3- Painting the Land
Step 3- Painting the Sky
Step 4- Salt the sky
Step 5- Peeling up the mask
Step 6- Painting the shadows &
Step 7- Sponge in shrubs