Parent Curriculum Leaflet Year 3 Autumn 2014

Parent Curriculum Leaflet Year 3
Autumn 2014
Welcome to the Autumn term in this new academic year. The purpose of this
leaflet is to give you an overview of this term’s learning. Please do not hesitate
to contact me if you have any questions regarding the information given in this
Mrs Rees
The children‘s thoughts on what we are planning to
What have mummies
got to do with Egypt?
How did the Egyptians
make the pyramids?
What is a pyramid’s
What animals did they
How did they write?
Curriculum Content
The information below outlines the expected level the majority of children will be
working at. We will challenge and support children to access the curriculum at a level
appropriate to their needs.
 Number, place value and money
 Read , write , order and compare numbers up to 1000 in numerals and in
 Mental addition and subtraction, multiplication and division
 Solve number problems and practical problems involving these ideas.
 Simple fractions of shapes and number
 Add and subtract amounts of money to give change, using both £ and p in
practical contexts
 Revise telling the time on analogue and digital watches
 Name & sort 2D shapes
 Lines of symmetry in 2D shapes
 Recognise angles as a property of shape or a description of a turn
 Collect and represent data using bar charts, pictograms and tables
 Independent and guided reading, library books and topic books
 Myths and Legends
 Reports based on our Ancient Egypt topic
 Instruction writing
 Adding prefixes and suffixes
 Words from year 3 spelling lists
Punctuation and Grammar
 Types of nouns
 Use of the forms of ‘a’ and ‘an’
 Use of conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions
 Children are expected to use cursive writing at all times
We will be following the ‘Music Express’ scheme,
Children learn that God created us so that we can love him and others. They also
understand what God called Jesus at his Baptism and how and why Jesus called the
Prayers, Saints and Feasts
Children learn about the Penitential rite (beginning of the Mass where we say sorry
and seek forgiveness). They also learn about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and
how it is an important part of prayer, where we seek forgiveness and fullness.
Children will learn about Mary accepting God mission for her. They will also explore
the stories of the Annunciation and Visitation. They will learn about angels
delivering God’s message and how Mary, Elizabeth and John the Baptist recognised
the presence of Jesus and that we are called to do the same during Advent.
New Beginnings – This theme offers children the opportunity to see themselves as
valued individuals within a community. Children will explore feelings of excitement,
happiness, sadness, fearfulness and anxiety while learning ways of ‘calming down’ and
‘problem solving’.
Getting on and falling out- Focus on social and emotional aspects of learning:
empathy, managing feelings and social skills.
Understanding the Arts
 Self portraits – drawing skills
 Clay work
Scientific and technological understanding
 Ourselves and animals
 Forces and magnets
 DT – mechanical systems – the Egyptian shaduf
 Continents and countries
 Use the 8 points of the compass directions
Historical and social understanding
 Ancient Egypt – Pharoahs and pyramids, Life by the River Nile
Dance - Children explore basic body actions, e.g. jumping and turning, and use
different parts of their body to make movements. They also begin to think about
how to use movement to explore and communicate ideas and issues.
Games - Invasion Games – Children develop skills in finding and using space to keep
the ball and develop strategies and tactics to outwit the opposition using a range of
equipment and skills.
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