Trailblazing October 2015 - Innovative Learning & Arts

Trailblazing Forward in a Personalized 1:1 Classroom, October 14th or 15th
Audience: D3/4/5/6 Teachers and Media Specialists, Digital DLA Teachers, LEEO Teachers
Join us for a full day of professional learning and collaboration taking place at Rock Island
PDC from 8:00 - 3:00. This is the 1st of 3 Trailblazing Events being offered for the 2015-2016 school year.
You will get to select three 60-minute sessions in the morning (see options below). The afternoon will consist
of a lightning round of sharing Best Practices/Digital Resources and about 90 minutes set aside for you to
collaborate with peers from throughout the district to build content for immediate use in your blended
learning classrooms.
All Instructional Technology Specialists will be available in the afternoon, along with a representative from
Schoology and HMH, to provide assistance with any questions and/or issues you might have.
Sign up for the day of your choice at this URL:
Session Descriptions:
Schoology Basics: Creating a Blended Learning Environment
Still not quite sure how to effectively use Schoology to provide opportunities for your students to access a variety of
learning resources and interact with digital content? This session will review how to locate and add content, organize
your courses, and work within a blended learning classroom.
Schoology Ninja: Automatic Grading and Custom Badges
Let Schoology take on some of the load when it comes to gathering data. Learn how to manage and use the Schoology
Gradebook, create automated assessments, and align assessments to standards to see what your students have
mastered. You will also find out how to create and assign badges that your students will be excited to earn.
Building Interactive Assessments in Schoology
Create dynamic, interactive assessments right in Schoology using a variety of question types, digital tools, and
multimedia-rich content. Embedding content into your assessments provides a more engaging environment to gain
insight to what your students know and have learned.
Digital Storytelling with PhotoStory
Do you want your students to create a slideshow using digital photos, voice narration, text, special effects, and sound?
Attend this session to learn how to create a PhotoStory project that will keep your students engaged and excited while
producing a multimedia project.
Digital Tools for Formative Assessment
Gather instant feedback to help drive student learning using a variety of digital tools, including Schoology, Socrative,
Kahoot, and Plickers.
Inspire Your Students’ Writing with Inspiration
Prepare your students for the writing FSA. Learn how to use Inspiration to capture the writing process and provide
organization for you and your students. In addition, this program provides ready-made templates on just about
everything you do in the classroom.
Intel Study App (formerly Kno)
For Digital 5 (3/4) only, this app allows students to access their HMH textbooks and any PDF without an internet
connection. Students can highlight, take notes, keep a study journal, access vocabulary flash cards, and use many other
tools. Learn how to use the Intel Study App with your students.
Integrating Digital Tools in the ELA Classroom
Learn how to infuse technology into the ELA content area. Incorporate digital resources, like Newsela;
Read, Write,Think; and Padlet to enhance reading and writing activities while increasing student engagement and
Office 365: Welcome to the Cloud
Learn how to save and access files from any device using OneDrive. See how collaboration can be facilitated using Office
Online apps like Word and PowerPoint.
OneNote Class Notebook (NOT FOR NEWBIES- only for those that are current OneNote users)
Set up a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts, and a collaboration space for lessons and
creative activities all within one powerful notebook. Come with a class list of student numbers.
Problem-Based Learning with MEAs
Model-Eliciting Activities (MEAs) are open-ended, interdisciplinary problem-solving activities that reveal students’
thinking about the concepts embedded in the Florida Standards you are teaching. MEAs resemble engineering problems
because students work in teams to apply their knowledge of science and mathematics to solve open-ended, realistic
problems, while considering constraints and tradeoffs and clearly documenting their thought process. This training will
introduce the concept of teaching through MEAs and how they can be effectively integrated with Schoology or other
Learning Management Systems.
ProQuest SIRS
Curious minds deserve the best online tools in order to develop research, writing, language, and computer skills.
Discover how to gain access to over 1,900 magazines, newspapers, and reference books; 10,000 approved websites, and
30,000 colorful graphics, photos, and maps from all over the world that are all carefully selected for content,
appropriateness, and readability. Learn more about the hand-selected Pro/Con Leading Issues coverage for ageappropriate social issues and explore over 500 nonfiction eBook titles that can be infused into your students' digital
Think Central A-Z
During this session, participants will review, refresh, and update their Think Central skills and knowledge. Topics will
include class management, assignments, assessments, reports, and the new Browse Feature. Get to know the
myWriteSmart tool. There will be plenty of time for questions, collaboration, and individual planning.