engagement of technical assistance for the implementation of bntf

The BNTF office would like to request assistance from CDB to engage an assistant project
manager/engineer to assist with the implementation of the BNTF 6 and 7 infrastructure
projects for Montserrat’s Country Project Portfolio and Sector Portfolio.
The engagement of this technical assistance will be for a period of six months in 2014.
Please send a letter of interest and your CV to Mervin M Browne BNTF office public market
Little Bay Montserrat or you can email letter and CV to [email protected] and
[email protected] by Friday 31st January 2014
The terms of reference are as follows:
 Assist the Project Manager (PM) in the day to day management of BNTF6 project
Monitor and report to PM on all ongoing access and building construction projects under
Assist with the preparation of infrastructure sub-projects for the approval by the Oversight
Entity and the Caribbean Development Bank in accordance with the Operations manual
Assist with the monitoring of all sub-projects, being implemented by Force Account or selfhelp, contractor and to be coordinated with the sponsoring agency and guided and
administered by the consultants;
Assist with monthly update of Sub-Project Monitoring Reports (SPMRs);
Assist with the completion of Sub-Project Completion Reports (SPCRSs);
Liaising with consultants and contractors on a daily basis to ensure project implementation
is proceeding as planned;
To ensure all BNTF 6 projects are done as scheduled, paying attention to cost and quality;
Assist PM in getting all necessary planning approvals from the relevant planning Authorities;
Attend project planning, site and evaluation meetings;
Establishing and maintaining contact with all stakeholders, especially with the sponsoring
Ministry/Agency, Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) and other social partners for
efficient and effective delivery of project outputs;
Assist with any other duties that the PM may assign from time to time during the period of
The deliverables should also include but not limited to the following:
Provide technical inputs for infrastructure SPs in accordance with the BNTF Operations
Manual (OM), including the completion of various checklists such as those for the
Environmental Impact Assessment / Natural Hazard Impact Assessment and Disaster
Risk Reduction and ensuring that the different needs of women and men are
accommodated in the assessments of the infrastructure services.
Assist PM in the processing of applications by providing technical inputs for SPs
identified for inclusion in CPP for submission to the Oversight Entity for funding under
the Project.
Consult with the beneficiary communities along with staff of the IA in the determination
of the scope and viability of SPs. CE shall be responsible for conducting assessments of
infrastructure and providing design briefs with allowances for green technology, low
maintenance, user (women and men) friendly specifications and which ensures
appropriate privacy and security for users (women and men). CE shall be responsible for
preliminary estimates of the works for inclusion in the CPP.
Assist PM in the supervision, reviewing and reporting on all aspects of the work of
technical consultants engaged for the preparation of detailed designs and estimates of
infrastructure SPs for the Sector Portfolio.
Attend community meetings organised by IA in collaboration with stakeholders and
technical consultants to communicate with the primary beneficiaries in general and the
women in particular, and review and receive feedback on the appropriate technical briefs
of prospective sub-projects.
Utilise OM and Poverty Reduction Action Plan for guidance of all SP activities as
Perform any other duties that may arise during the preparation of CPP and Sector
The assistance requested is necessary for the BNTF to be able to meet the terminal
disbursement date (TDD) of 2014 for the BNTF 6 Programme. The BNTF office presently
comprises of two permanent staff with administrative and accounting support from PIU staff.
BNTF 6 is expected to be implemented in parallel with BNTF 7 programme, which effectively
increases the work load for a staff of two persons. The strategy is for us to implement in rapid
succession all BNTF6 projects while still concentrating on getting the BNTF7 programme off the