Admissions and Enrollment Procedures - Policy #9

Admission and Enrollment Procedures – Policy #9
For all students, an admission application is considered complete only after the following is submitted:
Birth Certificate
Immunization Record
Baptismal Certificate (if applicable)
Most recent Report Card (if applicable)
Parental request for release of records (if applicable)
The Parish Identification Number and a current pledge card is on file with the parish (for
7. Current family tuition payment is up to date (if applicable)
8. Application fee is paid (see below)
Admission applications for current families may be submitted no sooner than January prior to the
academic school calendar year.
Admission applications for new families will be accepted, based on space availability, on the third
Saturday of January prior to the school calendar year that the child will be entering school
Application Fee
There is a one-time application fee for any new students due at the time the admission application is
Tuition Deposit
A tuition deposit for the following school calendar year is required at the time of enrollment. It is
necessary to cover the cost of books, supplies and equipment required to prepare for the upcoming
school year.
Any family who has paid these monies but will not be returning next year will have until April 1st to
contact the school office in writing for a refund less a $50.00 per family non-refundable portion of the
combined application fee and tuition deposit. After April 1st, all monies are nonrefundable.
Current Student Re-enrollment
Information is distributed in December by the school office asking parents of currently enrolled students
at St. Alphonsus School to re-enroll their child/children for the following school year.
The tuition deposit for each child re-enrolling for the following school year must be paid by the third
Friday of January to secure enrollment for the following school year. After this date, any open seats for
the following school year will be available to new students.
Additional Enrollment Procedures for New Families
After an admission application is approved, communication will be sent to the family directing them to
enroll the student. The tuition deposit will be due at the time the enrollment is completed.
You will be advised by the end of the school year if you have been accepted, are on a waiting list, or are
ineligible for admission. If the child is ineligible for admission, all monies will be returned.
In order to adhere to St. Alphonsus School class-size policy, applications will be accepted for enrollment
or for placement on a waiting list any time after the third Friday of January prior to the beginning of the
school calendar year.
Admissions During a School Year
St. Alphonsus School will admit students when space is available during the school year.
Regulations Adopted Effective: 11/15/79; revised 3/15/89; 5/14/91; 6/18/92; 6/17/93; 3/15/07,
1/16/13, 4/15/14