RESPECT- Yourself, your peers, and your teachers with your actions and words. You are
expected to act mature and respectful at all times. Any horseplay or theft will not be
tolerated, (especially due to all the safety concerns within the classroom) and you will be
dismissed from class.
2. BE PREPARED- You must have your binder/folder with your class recipes/notes, and a writing
utensil with you at all times. Be in your seat bell to bell with a positive attitude, ready to work.
3. BATHROOM- Make sure you go to the bathroom before class starts. Use your five minute
passing period wisely. We will be very busy throughout class and all group members need to be
present and participating the entire hour.
4. DRINKS/FOOD- Drinks and extra food are allowed only lab days. Bring the drink/extra item
with you to class.
5. IPOD’S- Due to the importance of safety and listening in a lab setting, there are absolutely no
IPOD’S allowed while in the lab/classroom.
6. CLASS WORK- Stay up to date on all in-class work. To participate in labs, the classroom work
must be complete and accurate. You need to understand the information before you apply it
into the lab.
7. LATE WORK- If you are absent you are expected to get your homework/notes/activities the
following day. You have exactly the same number of days you were absent for you to complete
the work. Tests, quizzes, and labs need to be made up within one week of arrival back to class.
Late work will be accepted for half credit up until the unit test.
8. PERSONAL HYGIENE- You need to comply with the school’s dress code (found in the hand
book) and should have long hair tied back, fingernails short and clean, all hand jewelry removed,
hands washed (directly after touching face or hair), and no chewing gum. There will be a lot of
movement within our class, and students must dress for the occasion. Students with open
wounds must wear plastic gloves while in the lab.
9. MANNERS-You are expected to use polite and good manners in addition to all safety and
sanitation regulations daily. Students will always use a tasting spoon and should not lick spoons
or bowls.
Recipes are the only thing you need while in the lab. Backpacks, purses, phones, and
other class materials are not necessary.
Stay in your kitchen at all time, once you have been checked out for the day, you
need to return to your classroom seat.
Follow all directions carefully and always read the recipe entirely before you begin.
You may not intentionally alter any recipe.
Use appropriate techniques while handling all equipment and while accurately
Report all accidents to the teacher immediately. Pick up broken glass with a damp
paper towel.
Use dry oven mitts to handle hot pans and always use a cooling rack. Hot equipment
should never directly touch your skin or a counter. Turn off all burners when not in
Know the location of and how to use the fire extinguisher.
Wash dishes in the left side of the sink using hot soapy water.
Your lab kitchen must be clean before you leave class. Each recipe is designed to be
completed within the class time allowed. Work cooperatively with your group to
finish by the bell.
All food prepared in class should be eaten within the classroom. Properly storing
leftovers to eat at a later time is accepted. Please check with the supervising staff
member when you eat your leftovers; some students have severe allergies and the
smell of a certain ingredient could give that particular student an allergic reaction.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kitchen Safety Procedures
We (parent/guardian and student) have read through all the kitchen safety procedures. We
understand that safety is extremely important, especially within the foods room. We understand
that it is the responsibility of the student to comply with the kitchen safety rules for the benefit
of everyone in the class. We also understand that disciplinary actions will be taken if a student
jeopardizes the safety of themselves or others.
Parent Signature: ________________________________________
Date: _____________
Student Signature: _______________________________________
Date: _____________
Known food allergies/other religious dietary restrictions (if none, please write NONE): _________