Imani Farm
Program Assistant, Homestead & Kitchen Management
Work Trade Position
Please make sure that you get a copy of the Orientation Letter. It's very important that you know
what kind of situation you are entering before you apply. Please be sure this is a fit for you.
Your preferred approximate work-trade start dates:
(we’re looking for this position to start on March 15, 2013):
Contact Information
Full Name:
Date of Birth
Street Address
Apartment/Unit #
Home Phone:
ZIP Code
Cell Phone:
Applicant Experience
Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible. There are no "right" answers.
We're trying to get to know who you are and assess whether we are a good fit for each other.
1. This position requires some agricultural experience and a familiarity with physical work.
Please tell us about your experience.
2. This position requires kitchen management, food buying, menu planning, cooking, and
helping others to cook. Please tell us about your experiences in this realm.
3. This position requires management of other people and being part of a management team.
Please tell us about any management and/or cooperative management experiences.
4. Have you ever lived rustically or close to nature? Have you ever shared a group kitchen? Are
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you willing to share a group kitchen? Do you have concerns about sharing a group kitchen? If
so, what are they? What is your preference and style of cleanliness? Please describe. (i.e. Do you
have a need for “pristine” environment?) Do you have concerns about the composting toilet
systems? What are your feelings about bacteria and germs?
5. Living communally is not for the faint of heart. We are on the edge of creating new culture
and this lifestyle often asks us to communicate clearly, openly, and directly. We’re looking for
hearty folk who are willing to engage. Please tell us about any experience of sitting with
discomfort, “confronting your demons”, dealing with conflict, or communicating directly and
6. What are you hoping to gain from this experience?
7. Earthaven and Imani Farm need much contribution from members and work traders. Are you
willing to be of service to our farm? How do you imagine supporting us and what do you feel
you can offer?
8. How long of a commitment are you willing to make? Are you interested in exploring
Earthaven as a potential home?
9. What are your dietary preferences? Do you mind sharing a kitchen with meat-eaters or
participating in raising animals for food?
10. What are your greatest strengths and current personal challenges?
11. Do you have any physical or emotional challenges that may affect your work exchange?
12. What is your relationship to drugs and alcohol?
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13. How would you cover the extra costs of your work trade and your personal expenses (other
than what we cover) during your time here?
14. We require an in-person interview before deciding on this position. Please let us know
when you would be available for an interview?
15. It is crucial that you read our orientation letter thoroughly in order to make sure we are a
good fit. Please do NOT assume that we are a good fit ahead of time. Do us and you the favor
of taking this process carefully and slowly. Pay attention to your own concerns and red flags.
To that end, please answer the following questions:
A. Have you read the application thoroughly? More than once?
B. What stands out for you in the application? What had an impact on you?
C. What are your concerns about this position, questions you may have, and reasons you
might not want to make this commitment?
16. Please provide for us the names and contact information of 2 references not related to you:
(include their name, address, phone, email)
[Enter reference 1 info here]
[Enter reference 2 info here]
We require a $600 deposit for a one-year position. This will be returned to you when you
complete your one-year commitment. Should you decided to leave at any point during your first
six months, you will forfeit your deposit. Should you choose to leave after the first six months,
$100 per month will be returned to you for every month fully completed (with labor hours up to
date for each month) and the rest will be forfeited. If we choose to end the contract before a
year is up, you will receive your entire deposit back.
Thanks for telling us about yourself!
Please email the answers and a resume to
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