BLDS-5-PC-#31-Goal vs.Commitments

“Goals vs. Commitments”
“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to
excellence regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.”
- Vince Lombardi
 What is your reaction to this quote and what does it mean to you?
 What five things did you add to your business this past week? Were you
able to handle it all?
 Do you have any questions about how to “Slump Proof Your Business”?
 Today we are going to discuss “Goals vs. Commitments”.
 Setting goals can often cause agents to experience anxiety and a little fear.
This is a good thing. It means you are being pushed out of your comfort
zone and this is where growth comes from. When you keep your eyes on
the goals you set, you will find your fears will begin to diminish.
 Remember: Continuous action, not strength or intelligence is the key to
unlocking your potential.
 Setting goals and committing to achieving goals are two different things.
 Setting goals of what you want to accomplish is important because this is
the basis of achievement. Goals give us a vision of the future that we want
to create for ourselves.
 A commitment to achievement means that nothing will stop you from
reaching your desired goal. A goal without a commitment is not likely to
 You may have a goal to lose weight, but a commitment to achieving weight
loss means that when someone brings a box of donuts to the office, you
aren’t going anywhere near them or if you come home exhausted, you are
still getting on that treadmill even if you don’t feel like it!
 Goals are your destination. Your business plan is your map.
 Your schedule has to be filled with the activities that match your goals. You
may have a goal to make $100,000 this year, but if you refuse to prospect
or spin plates at a $100,000 per year pace, lots of luck!
 Your commitment or attitude would say, “No matter how many contacts I
have to make per day, I will do it. Because nothing will stop me from
achieving my goal of $100,000…Nothing!”
 It’s hard to be passionate about achieving a goal if you are not equally as
passionate about your commitment.
 Name any area of your business or personal life where your goals are not
being fulfilled and you will find a corresponding lack of a commitment to
achieve it.
 Accept the fact that failure is a normal part of our business. Lick your
wounds, learn from the experience and move on.
 It’s how you deal with failure that will determine how you achieve success.
 Do you have any questions about today’s session?
 Your assignment for next week: Write down one goal that you absolutely
must achieve this year and come up with a plan to achieve it. If you are
comfortable sharing it with me next week, great. If you want to keep it
private, I will completely respect that.
 I am going to leave you with one more quote: “How am I going to live
today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to?” – Anthony
 See you next week, same day, same time, ok? Look at all the progress you
have made!