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What’s the difference between a goal and an objective and a strategy?
A goal is a broad statement of what we want to do; it identifies what we are trying to
achieve. By stating it specifically, members of the organization are clear about the
purpose and direction of the organization. In organizations, goals should reflect how we
are going to go about achieving the Mission Statement.
Objectives are the slightly less broad statement of how we are going to achieve each
goal. Objectives indicate what areas and issues we have to attack in order to meet the
goal. Objectives are generally measurable statements and are attached to time lines.
Finally, strategies are the narrow, specific statement of who is going to do what,
when, and how in order to achieve each objective.
Organizational plans depicted on paper have a pyramid shape. At the tip is the mission
statement, below it are 4-5 goals designed to achieve the mission statement; below the
goals are 4-5 objectives per goal designed to achieve the goal; below the objectives are 45 strategies per objective designed to achieve the objective.
Be sure to check out my examples of Goals, Objective, and Strategies in the next nurse
consultant entry.