The Department of Psychiatry is holding a Mental Health Research

The Department of Psychiatry is holding a Mental Health Research workshop. The workshop is held
at the Maanzoni Lodge, Machakos County, and is expected to last from 12th to 18th October, 2014.
The workshop, organized and facilitated by the Linked Mental Health Project, is aimed at training
post graduate students who are in their proposal-development stage of their studies. The mentees
are drawn from diverse fields of College of Health Sciences - School of Pharmacy, Nursing, Public
Health and Medicine. They are being trained on the elements of Mental Health Research - from
proposal writing, ethics in research, methods of data collection and data analysis and presentation.
Various members of faculty from the University of Nairobi led by the chairman, Dr. Wangari Kuria,
and University of Washington (Seattle),led by Dr. Anne Vander Stoep and Dr. Dennis Donovan, are
participating as mentors in their various specialty areas in research. The University of Nairobi
mentors attending are Prof. Violet Kimani, Dr. Muthoni Mathai, Dr. Anne Obondo, Dr. Manasi
Kumar, Dr. Beatrice Amugune, Dr. David Bukusi and Ms. Miriam Wagoro
The mentees expressed their joy in being selected to attend the workshop and showed interest in
learning how to write a good proposal. "The sessions are done so well, because other than just
listening, we integrate everything we learn in the lectures with actual practical," said Dr. Kingi
(M.Med. Psychiatry). She adds, "The lectures are very elaborate, well researched and informative
and as you go through the practical sessions you get to really know what is really required."
This programme is a collaboration of the University of Nairobi and the University of Washington
(Seattle), and the training of students in research is part of the core aims of the Linked Mental
Health Project, funded through the NIH.
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