vice – chancellor`s speech - Department of Distance Studies

24TH JUNE, 2015
 All invited guests in your various distinguished
 Ladies and Gentlemen. Good morning
I am pleased and feel honoured to welcome you to the
launch of the Journal: African Journal of Project Planning
and Management of the University of Nairobi. You are
indeed most welcome to this important function.
I would like to take this earliest opportunity to
congratulate members of staff in the School of Continuing
and Distance Education and the Department of Extra –
Mural Studies for this great achievement. Special
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congratulations go to the writers of the articles and the
editorial team who have worked tirelessly to ensure that
this objective is achieved.
Your success is ours too because as a University we shall
benefit from the knowledge and skills you have
disseminated in these publications. The African Journal of
Project Planning and Management captures the arts and
sciences as an inter-disciplinary publication. The Journal
serves as a platform for dissemination of original and high
quality research in the field of project management and
related fields.
The merging of optimization and simulation technologies
has seen a rapid growth in recent years. This area of
project planning and management has as such sparked
much interest in the academic world as it has in practical
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This Journal thus focuses on some of the most relevant
approaches that have been developed for the purpose of
optimizing simulated systems.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the African Journal of Project
Planning and Management acts as a medium to capture
and present research, research findings and the methods
I congratulate the Department of Extra – Mural Studies
for their successful effort in putting together the first issue
of this Journal. I strongly believe that the Department has
great potential of becoming a leader in research in the
field of project management.
Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the
Editorial and Advisory Boards for their efforts in ensuring
that the first edition of a high quality journal is delivered.
I hope readers get insights through reading, analyzing and
reflecting on the articles published in this issue.
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It is now my honor and pleasure to declare the Journal of
Project Planning and Management officially launched.
Thank you and May God bless you all.
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