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Heavy metals (Pb, Cd and Zn) levels in
roadside soils in Nairobi County
Urban areas pollution is one of the environmental institutions concern since there is increase in the
population of people in the urban towns. Pollution in Nairobi town is mainly from man induced activities
including municipal waste, sewage sludge, road traffics gas exhausts, atmospheric deposits and
agrochemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. Atmospheric emissions tend to be of great concern,
because of the quantity, wide spread dispersion, potential and their impacts on both biotic and abiotic
environment. The chemical analysis and accurate determinations of concentrations of harmful and toxic
elements is important for the development of environmental risk assessment and monitoring. Soil
samples will be collected on road sides of A104 and A109, then analyzed and results shared upon
completion of the project.
Key words: Environmental pollution, heavy metals, road traffic emission, urban soils