20130401 Manufacturing Process Engineer position with Kawasaki

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A
Rvsd. 4/1/12
Manufacturing Process Engineer
Department: Production Engineering
Job Status: Full Time
FLSA Status: Exempt
Reports To: Assistant Manager or Manager
Amount of Travel Required: 0-10%
Work Schedule:
Positions Supervised:
Normal work schedule is 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Monday-Friday. Working before 7:00 a.m. and after
3:30 p.m. as well as weekend work may be
Design, develop, test, and evaluate integrated systems for managing industrial production processes
including human work factors, quality control, inventory control, logistics and material flow, cost
analysis, and production coordination.
Essential Functions Statement(s)
Follow all company Policies and Procedures, Quality and Environmental Management Systems
(QMS & EMS), Kawasaki Production System (KPS) and any other legal and compliance
regulations that may apply such as OSHA.
Develop, and write equipment specifications, performance requirements, cost analysis and
proposal for integrating machinery and equipment into manufacturing process applying
knowledge of mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical wiring, electronics, programming
and manufacturing requirements.
Write operating programs applying knowledge of programming language and machine functions
such as machining centers, robots, and automated processes.
Plan, design and coordinate integration of machinery and equipment into manufacturing
production processes by applying engineering knowledge to promote efficient utilization of
man, machine, and materials.
Recommend modifications to existing quality or production standards to achieve optimum
quality within limits of equipment capability.
Identify opportunities or implement changes to resolve production problems, and maximize
process reliability and to also improve products, efficiency and reduce costs using knowledge of
fabrication processes, tooling and production equipment including work standards, assembly
methods, quality control standards, or product design, materials and parts.
Provide technical information concerning manufacturing or processing techniques, materials
properties, and process advantages and limitations which affect long range plant and product
engineering planning.
Create designs of production jigs and fixtures.
Determine adjustments to processing methods using root causes analysis. Record and analyze
process data using mathematical calculations and being able to report on those findings.
Confer with planning and design staff concerning product design and tooling to ensure efficient
production methods and manufacturability.
Design experiments for the purpose of troubleshooting and analyzing mechanical, electric or
hydraulic systems to ensure quality of product and repeatability of process.
Design and review layouts, drawings and schedules of processes of parts to be manufactured
ensuring manufacturability, and ergonomic concerns.
Be able to communicate relevant information between all shifts and across departments.
Confer with customers, suppliers, staff and other affected departments to determine product
specifications and arrange for purchase of equipment, materials, or parts, and evaluates
products according to specifications and quality standards.
Assist and train production personnel and other co-workers if needed.
Create work instructions and work standards for new or changed processes or standards.
Competency Statement(s)
KMM Core Behaviors - Responsibility, Integrity, Respect, Adaptability, Communication, KPS,
Teamwork, Interpersonal skills and Attendance.
KMM Exempt Competencies - Professionalism, Initiative/Self-Motivated, Problem Solving,
Decision Making, Planning, KMM Departmental Functions, Critical Thinking.
Language Skills - Must be able to speak and understand English. Ability to read and interpret
documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure
manuals. Ability to write routine reports and correspondence. Ability to speak effectively one
on one or to groups, as necessary.
Technical Aptitude - Ability to comprehend complex technical topics and specialized
Safety Awareness - Ability to identify and correct conditions that affect employee safety.
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing - Knowledge and awareness of GD&T’s purpose in part
design and inspection.
Lean Manufacturing tools and technologies - The use of tools, techniques and processes
specifically designed to increase value added work, including daily routines and tasks, to
eliminate waste, decrease cost, and create a culture of continuous improvement.
Quality Control analysis - Conducting tests and inspections of products, services, or processes
to evaluate quality or performance.
Gather, Analyze and Report information - Observing, receiving or otherwise obtaining
information from all available resources. Identifying the underlying principles, reasons, or facts
within the information to provide meaningful results for the given audience.
Electrical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic systems and component - .
Machine functions - Knowledge of machine and equipment operations and purpose.
Mechanical - Knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and
Production and Processing - Knowledge of raw materials, production processes, quality control,
cost and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture and distribution of goods.
Engine Theory - Demonstrates the knowledge of the functions of an internal combustion engine
including the interactions of components. Knowledge of the varied engine applications within
the end product.
Engineering and Technology - Knowledge of the practical application of engineering science
and technology. This includes applying principles, techniques, procedures, and equipment to
the design and production of various goods and services.
Customer Oriented - Customer orientation implies a desire to serve our customers by focusing
effort on meeting the customer's needs, understanding their concerns, and seeking to build
Training Delivery - Mixing the delivery of training and learning activities to meet all learners
needs and to encourage improved learning and performance. The delivery may include, but not
limited to, group facilitation, OJT, demonstration, or a blended approach.
Analytical thinking - Analyzing information and using logic to address work-related issues and
Education : Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering or Bachelor of Science degree in
Manufacturing/Engineering Technology from a four year college or university. OR Two year associates
degree in manufacturing technology or similar technical degree; with a minimum of three years
experience as an engineering technician at KMM.
Experience : One to two years related work experience preferred
Computer Skills
Display appropriate proficiency with computers and computer applications including: Microsoft Office
(excel, word, powerpoint), 3d computer modeling software (solidworks or catia), 2d cad software
(Autocad), cribmaster and able to use e-mail effectively.
• Analytical or scientific software
• Industrial control software
Certificates & Licenses
Other Requirements
Will be required to wear company uniform
Physical Demands
Handling / Fingering
Reach Outward
Reach Above Shoulder
Squat or Kneel
N (Not Applicable)
O (Occasionally)
F (Frequently)
C (Constantly)
F (Frequently)
F (Frequently)
F (Frequently)
C (Constantly)
O (Occasionally)
O (Occasionally)
O (Occasionally)
N (Not Applicable)
O (Occasionally)
O (Occasionally)
10 lbs or less
11-20 lbs
21-50 lbs
51-100 lbs
Over 100 lbs
12 lbs or less
13-25 lbs
26-40 lbs
41-100 lbs
O (Occasionally)
O (Occasionally)
O (Occasionally)
N (Not Applicable)
N (Not Applicable)
O (Occasionally)
O (Occasionally)
N (Not Applicable)
N (Not Applicable)
Activity is not applicable to this occupation.
Occupation requires this activity up to 33% of the time (0 - 2.5+ hrs/day)
Occupation requires this activity from 33% - 66% of the time (2.5 - 5.5+ hrs/day)
Occupation requires this activity more than 66% of the time (5.5+ hrs/day)
Other Physical Requirements
Vision (Near, Distance, Color, Depth Perception)
Sense of Sound ((Within OSHA regulatory levels))
Sense of Touch
Ability to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (As required by task)
Work environment may range from quiet to moderately noisy depending on whether the work is
conducted in the office or on the production floor.
Prepared by:___________________________ Date: ______________
Approval Signature:_____________________ Date: ______________
The Company has reviewed this job description to ensure that essential functions and basic duties have
been included. It is intended to provide guidelines for job expectations and the employee's ability to
perform the position described. It is not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all functions,
responsibilities, skills and abilities. Additional functions and requirements may be assigned by
supervisors as deemed appropriate..
Good afternoon Mr. Yang. I'd like to reintroduce myself. I came to your campus last year with a few of my
colleagues from Kawasaki, here in Maryville.
Patsy Reed, Tim Woolery and Galen Cloud and I came to tour your facility and hear more about your
I am now the responsible party here for recruiting and staffing for our Engineer and Technician positions
as Patsy has retired.
I am hoping to reconnect with you so we can work together on placing your students in some of our
Just to remind you of some positions that your students could fill, I'll share here a list of relevant jobs at
Manufacturing Process Engineer
Product Development Engineer
Engineering Technician
Technician II, R&D
Quality Control Engineer
Please share with your students the types of position we have available. We would appreciate you doing
this on on a continuous basis.
We also currently have openings in all the these positions.
I've attached the job descriptions here for you to post on your career services site.
Students and alumni can apply by emailing their resume to hresumes@mvl.kmmfg.com.
Donell R. Anderson
Sr. Supervisor, Human Resources
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.
28147 Business Hwy. 71
Maryville, MO 64468
Email: danderson@mvl.kmmfg.com
Phone: (660) 562-7106