Market Hog Information Sheet


4-H/FFA Tennessee Market Hog Project

Open to youth in grades 4-12.

Market Hogs must weigh a minimum of 200 pounds to be eligible for awards at the state show.

Project Includes:

Skillathon: Testing of your knowledge of swine and swine production (nutrition, breeds, health, etc)

Showmanship: Based on the showman’s presentation of the animal.

Show: Based on the appearance of the animal.

All project members need to attend all project meetings to learn the material required for the skillathon and PQA certification.

Show Date- January 21, 2015

2014 Suggested weight of pig to be selected to weigh 230-270 pounds on show day

Sept. 15 16-56 lbs

Sept. 21

Sept. 25

24-64 lbs

33-73 lbs

October 1 41-81 lbs

October 5 50-90 lbs

Weights based on average 1.7 lbs/day gain

October 10 58-98 lbs

October 15 67-107 lbs

October 20 77-117 lbs

******Remember: A hog with the best genetics will only perform as well as the nutrition it is provided. Even an average hog will perform better with show quality feeds******

Important Dates:

Ownership Deadline: October 20, 2014

Last Day to Tag Pigs: November 1, 2014

County Show:

Regional Show: December 12, 2014 @ UT, Knoxville

State Show: January 21, 2015 @ MTSU, Murfreesboro

You need to work with your pig as much as possible to get it used to being handled and teach it to follow your commands.