Carson Schier Qatar The country of Qatar is a very wealthy country

Carson Schier
The country of Qatar is a very wealthy country and holds a lot of power within the
foreign market due to its exports of oil. But, Qatar is now in a time where it needs to use its
power to help other people to their human rights. Qatar now must help the other countries of the
UN to give the people of struggling countries there human rights and save them of oppression by
their own country. This paper will be discussing Qatar’s views and opinions on the issues
concerning Syria and, the newly added, right to clean drinking water;
The issue within the country of Syria has not been getting any better and now is at a point
of intervention by the United Nations. You have people being shot in open crowds by radicals
and the barricading of towns so people are unable to get in and out of the town, torture to people
of all ages, and finally destruction of pipes carrying water to the towns. The nation of Qatar
wants no further bloodshed and wants to help a close by neighbor get through a hard time and
stop the fighting. The deal with the water is simple, instead of having pipes running around the
country have pump wells within the towns so people are able to get fresh water no matter what,
then deal with the plumbing later. To deal with the execution and firing within the crowds of
people, Syria’s imports and exports should be monitored to disallow the men new weapons and
ammunition and it will soon become safer to be within those crowds. The blockades of towns
must be dealt with by stationing men within towns to avoid any future towns being under that
influence. Qatar does not want to see Syria burn by the hands of its own people and does
understand the religion within Syria to be a powerful fire to their cause but still does not want to
see it collapsed on top of them.
The right to clean drinking water is one that Qatar has never had a problem with because
they are wealthy and are a peninsula to a large body of it. But a lot of the world does have a
problem such as that. The easiest thing to do for clean water, and providing water to countries, is
to build wells and although that may not be possible for a lot of countries as they are hard to get
to with the proper tools required, or the ground water is just too deep. For those matters what can
you do? Another solution is to create a huge pipeline stretching across the country distributing
water to all that need it, or to supply bottled water to the towns, both of those would take billions
of dollars and a lot of time for completion, plus raids may occur at the drop-off points for water
bottles, or the pipeline may be overrun by people who wish to pose a tax on people using the
pipe. So how do you enable people who live in the heart of Africa or Australia with a clean
supply of drinking water? The best bet is to drill the pipe no matter the cost, and that every
country find a sister country to help this no longer become an issue. With their sister country,
any means of getting fresh water to everyone would met on a more personal level. They would
be able to plan it out and figure out where exactly needs water and what the best solution would
be, as every country has different geography and needs. Countries that have more money such as
Qatar would take on the bigger challenge countries and countries with a smaller budget take on
countries that do not need as much help. With this system in place, countries would be able to
provide water to all of their people faster than if we were attempting to do it as one big project,
and it will be able to be more specific to that country’s needs.
I believe that this is how Qatar would handle things in the United Nations as it is trying to
solve countries, and peoples, problems and figure out what they need no matter the cost.