Early Humans Pathway

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Early Humans Pathway
Vocabulary Skill Building. Using the “Vocabulary menu” on the back of this sheet, complete 3 vocab activities. Make
sure that you use EACH word in at least one activity! For example, if you choose the first 5 words for your first activity,
choose another 5 words for your second activity! Or, choose one of the options that includes ALL of the words! Use the
checklist below to ensure that you have used every word AND gotten your 3 activities SIGNED OFF ON!
• Trade
• Hunter/Gatherer
• Hominid
• Survive
• Resource
• Nomad
• Artifact
• Agriculture
• Scarce
• Domesticate
• Neolithic
• Paleolithic
• Archaeology
• Cultural Diffusion
• Evolution
• Pangaea
Reading. Do this before moving on to the practice activity and the final activity! Choose ONE of the activities below.
WRITE your answers out on a piece of loose leaf paper and attach them to the back of this sheet when you turn it in!
Hunter/Gatherer Reading and 10
Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, and
Neolithic Era Chapter reading and
Questions (Complete Sentences)
Homo Sapien readings. When
Questions 1 and 3-7 (Complete
finished, summarize EACH reading
with 4 bullets.
Practice. Once you have finished a reading activity (above), move on to ONE of the activities below. Again, WRITE these
out on a sheet of paper and attach it to the back of this sheet when you turn in this pathway.
Otzi the Iceman reading and questions
Using 9 Vocab words, write a 1 page story from the perspective of a
hominid living in the Paleolithic Era. You will lose points if this story
is not written with proper spelling and grammar.
Final. Using what you have learned about early humans throughout this pathway, choose ONE of the two activities
below. Follow the instructions CLOSELY and attach your work to this sheet when you turn it in. This should be creative,
neat, and most importantly COMPLETE!
Use the structure below to compare and contrast how life was
Create a comic strip on poster paper using 12
during the Paleolithic and Neolithic Era. This should be 3 wellvocabulary words. This comic should be detailed
written paragraphs (4-6 sentences each) using proper grammar
and colorful while also being an accurate
and spelling!
depiction of what life was like for early humans.
Paragraph 1 – Introduction. Explain what you are about to write
This should include at least 9 “scenes” with
about and introduce the audience to the definitions of Neolithic
speech bubbles and captions. Be creative with
and Paleolithic
the names that you come up with and the
Paragraph 2 – Focus on Paleolithic in this paragraph.
adventures that your characters go on!
Paragraph 3 – Focus on Neolithic in this paragraph.
When you are all finished, neatly staple the READING, PRACTICE, and FINAL
activities behind this sheet. Keep your vocab activities, but make sure that I have
seen them and signed off on them or else you will not get credit.