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Dear Residents,
As you may know, at present we are in the process of finalizing the creation of a Saltair
Community Society. Once the new Board is in place and a room at the former Mt. Brenton
School has been identified, a group of dedicated volunteers will begin the daunting task of
‘reconstructing’ Saltair History.
We will be holding our first organizational meeting early in 2016. At that time we will develop a
set of Community History Objectives, including an inventory of known documents, artifacts and
historical structures within both the traditional and political boundaries of Saltair.
Our CVRD Regional Director, Mel Dorey has already compiled a list of more than 30
individuals who have expressed interest in working on this exciting and significant local history
project. My plan is to divide the volunteers up into historical area activity groups who will
consult with their family, friends and neighbours to locate as much knowledge about Saltair’s
past as we can.
We already have collected a fair amount of archival material from the Saltair Centennial
Celebration held in Saltair Centennial Park in Mid August 2010. However, that material needs to
be “accessed” and then securely stored in a temperature controlled environment as quickly as
possible. Once the History Project team has established a Strategic Plan through meeting and
discussion with the new Saltair Community Society and with input from various community
groups like the SDRA, the SWAC, PC, etc., development of our Museum and Archives will
Frankly, we are 'late to the party'. I hope that we can post progress reports on the SDRA
Community website ( and ask for additional input at SDRA meetings so
that we can grow our list of both contributors and volunteers. Any help you can provide in this
endeavour would be greatly appreciated. My contact information is contained in the signature
Ed Nicholson