Midterm Assignment Document

Midterm Assignment – Ethical dilemma
When analyzing your ethical dilemma case try to apply the vocabulary, ideas, and decision making system we
saw chapters 1, 2 and 3 of the book. Then prepare a 2-3 page report following the structure below on an ethical
dilemma case.
Identify stakeholders (be specific)
a. Who are the stakeholders in the case?
b. What are the stakeholder claims and/or interests?
Engage in ethical analysis/identify ethical positions and perspectives
c. What is truly good?
i. For stakeholders?
ii. For society?
iii. Can one develop stakeholder capabilities to improve the situation?
iv. Look at various options, be imaginative, and be sure to consider short and long-term
Look into what other companies are doing/best industry practices (www.ethisphere.com
lists the “most” ethical companies and may be a good place to start when benchmarking).
d. What is the right thing to do?
i. What does company policy say?
ii. What does the law say?
iii. Are there any fundamental rights involved?
iv. What derivative rights are involved?
v. Are there any especially vulnerable stakeholders?
e. What do you think a virtuous person would do?
i. What virtues are relevant to this case?
ii. Explain how the relevant virtues can be action guiding in the case.
Form an argument using reasoning
f. What do you conclude ought to be done in the case?
i. Hint: look for ideal solutions where you can do what is good and right?
ii. State what ought to be done in terms of obligations.
g. Identify and cite data or evidence that supports your argument,
i. E.g., don’t just say that doing X will be good for stakeholders; support your contention
with proof.
h. Clearly state and explain the moral principle(s) that support your conclusion.
i. Deal with potential counterarguments to your position.