Linda Trevino 402 Smeal cell 814-321

Linda Trevino
402 Smeal
cell 814-321-1164
Textbook = she authored WITH online Instructor’s Manual
451W= Managing Ethics in Business
Theme = Values
Taught as 3 sections:
o Within Individuals
 Make decisions < their own perspective
 “
“ < Philsophers (how should we ..)
trying to without cognitive biases
 “
“ < Psychological
o Within Organizations (their culture & values): Managing others
 Reward Systems
 Goal Setting (can be negative … ex: make the bottom line good)
o Globally
(examine cross-culture differences & how to manage international businesses)
 Corporate responsibility
 Social Sustainability
Ethical Leadership = important for mgrs.
since most people are followers (= ‘Just tell me what to do’ mentality)
HBR Cases:
o IKEA (Child Labor)  Ikea will do what is best for the Child
 Has a Video where Ikea’s CEO talks about this
o Herman Miller with the MIRA chain … re_ Sustainability
In textbook Cases:
o Google Case
o < an MBA student who did his “Ethical Dilemma Analysis on himself
Young Italian man working for an Ultrasound Company
 sent over to Korea to help that plant BUT on the plane ride over
 he was reading on the Korean Culture …only to realize that
 their culture endorsed genetic selection and USED his company’s machines
….. AND he is an Italian Roman Catholic … What is he to do?
o GE had similar case to one above re: ultrasound
o 60-minute segment on 2 lawyers who put Altrum? Logan,
an innocent man in jail for 26 yrs
 Knowing their client (who was jailed @ this time) was guilty
 Got a written affidavit from the guilty one saying they could release his statement after
he died…. Which was when the 60-minutes segment
o Ethical Dilemma Analysis .–> Complete a Framework from you own personal experience
o Ethical Organization’s Culture Audit .-> Interview someone about their work’s Ethics (like dad)
o Voicing Your Values (< Mary Gentile’s thesis that students Know what to do … But don’t DO it)
 Write an experience when you did know what to do but didn’t ..
& what would have enabled you
 Write an experience when you did know what to do and did take the right action
3 Types of Ethics: consignment (?), Principle (values, Morale Rule), Virtual (< Aristotle)(Lawyer)