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Craig Kielburger Secondary School

Cooperative Education: Confidentiality in the Workplace


Your signature may be required by most places of employment, as a condition of employment and if breached, cause for termination.

ASSIGNMENT Instructions: Read each of the scenarios below.

a. Describe what is the confidential issue .

b. Using your assertive skills, write your response to each of the situations.

c. Discuss if any ethical dilemma has occurred.


Your work placement is at a bank. You have access to people’s personal accounts. You are aware that a particular neighbour has an account of over $10,000. Your discussion at the dinner table with your parents results from a discussion regarding the payment of a bordering fence in which the neighbour is unwilling to pay their share due to lack of funds.

The confidential issue:

Your response:

Ethical Dilemma:


Your work placement is at the local medical laboratory. You notice that medical tests indicate that one of one of your cousin’s friends is not favourable (i.e. contagious, pregnant, etc.). You discuss this friend with your cousin who is unaware of any pending medical condition.

The confidential issue:

Your response:

Ethical Dilemma:


Your employer is in the repair business. He installs a used part but charges the customer as if a new part was purchased and installed. You overhear your employer discuss this with another co-worker and you had no part in any dealings with the customer.

The confidential issue:

Your response:

Ethical Dilemma: Yes, one exists here, discuss how you might handle it without violating the oath of confidentiality:

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